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The Best Valentine Day memes if You are Single

14th February is coming and It is very common to send the wishes on valentine day. We have sent many valentine day images, wallpapers, pictures messages many times. So, on this valentine day try something new. We have brought valentine day memes, especially for singles. These memes are very funny. You can send these to your single friends. If you are single still you can send these memes to your friends who are in a relationship. So pick the best one and send them to your friends.

valentine day memes
The best excuse for being single

If you are ready to mingle but still single, then this meme can be the best excuse to give your friends. If you are fed up with the questions of your friends then send them and shut their mouth up.

valentine day memes
A good plan for a single on valentine day

If everyone is asking about your plan on valentine day then this can be the best answer to give them. try it.

valentine day memes
A good reason to give if you are single

If last valentine day you have challenged your friends that you won’t be single until next valentine day but you did not get succeed then this can be the best excuse for this. Try it with your friends.

valentine day memes
A best answer to sympathize yourself

If you are feeling bad about yourself for being alone on the Valentine day then this reason can be the best one to sympathize you. we are sure you won’t feel after this.

valentine day meme
If you are an IT Guy

This meme is dedicated to an IT Guy. If you are an IT person then you can understand it easily.

valentine day memes
If you love to be single

If you want to be single but your friends do not want this. Then this meme is for you. Send this to your friends and tell them how much you like to be single

valentine day memes
The best valentine day celebration

If you feel sad for being single on the valentine day then this meme perfectly depicts this. Isn’t it. It would be the best celebration of a single on valentine day. So, celebrate the Valentine day if you are single.

So these are the some best funny valentine day memes. These memes would be quiet unique to send in comparison of valentine day images, wallpapers, pictures, messages, poems. Choose the one which depicts the best your feelings. Enjoy your valentine day by sharing these with your friends.

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